Ilan Pappe on the Future of Palestine

Ilan Pappe on Al Jazeera’s Frost over the World, discussing the prospects for a future Palestinian state and the means to achieve it. (The interview begins at 9:00 and is followed by an interview with the insufferable Mark Regev)

1 thought on “Ilan Pappe on the Future of Palestine”

  1. I think Mr. Pappé is right about the Israeli govt. reaction to any unilateral declaration of a Palestinian state, namely that they would simply say, “fine, we’ll keep all the settlements as part of Greater Israel, and you can keep whatever’s left (David Bar-Illan’s “fried chicken”…) – we wash our hands of this, good luck!”
    The ’48 Palestinians in Israel would continue to live under a regime which will deny them full rights, and those in the newly declared Palestine would live under on oppressive authority whose “security” forces seem to exist mainly to make sure people keep their mouths shut and stay in line, and not express any support for Hamas, thus solidifying the divide imposed between the WB and Gazans. It could be a disaster.

    FT article about torture by Palestinian “security” forces (thanks to lysias at Mondoweiss) :
    “The US, fearing an Islamist takeover of the West Bank, has provided much of the training for Mr Fayyad’s security forces.”

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