4 thoughts on “‘There are no 72 virgins in the Qur’an’”

  1. After listening to that standing ovation who knows how many in that audience were moved and inspired enough to go search out the truth for themselves?

    She may have just inspired countless people to search out the truth and eventually become Muslims. Her presentation could be the catalyst for countless souls finding their way to salvation.

    insh Allah ( God willing )..

  2. Absolutely brilliant – truth told with good humor. That’s enough for a lot of people to start thinking. Wish more of this was happening.

  3. I’m an atheist but, what Lesley is saying to what the text is saying about the “72 virgins” and so on is almost right, but this does not prove of that there is a god (Allah) or that the story is real, its still fiction as all the other books of religion.

    Leasley Hazleton is just correcting the mistranslations that people in the “west” and some part of the arabic world are misusing, of “72 virgins”,”Jihad” and so on.

    Jihad (Jee-Ha-Da) for example is a inner “(-holy) war” with your self, and not against nonbelievers, its a struggle to reach Allah (-or to the belief to Islam). As all other religions do “Jihad” for there own religions.

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