US wavers on Middle East

Barack Obama, who even today was lecturing Iran in the obnoxious school-masterly tone which American presidents feel obliged to adopt in their declamations, once again turns a blind eye when the violence is pepetrated by a friendly despot.

The US and president Barack Obama continue to waver in their position regarding the unrest sweeping through the Middle East. The country says it will not dictate events in the region. But Obama has criticised the Iranian government’s violent response to protests there, while at the same time maintaining a more neutral tone with Bahrain. Many find the US’s response disappointing, and some feel the White House will only react strongly to those governments it does not have a stake in.

Al Jazeera’s Patty Culhane reports.

And this is the kind of violence that is being wrought by this ‘reliable ally.’

3 thoughts on “US wavers on Middle East”

  1. In fact, Obama made the outrageous claim that the Iranian government was the only one in the Middle East to attempt to stop protestors by killing them and arresting them. I suppose he doesn’t have a television and thinks no one else in the world does either?

  2. i don’t want to sound like captain obvious here, but the US response is not surprising in the least. the only people they are trying to fool is their domestic market of meat factories. everyone else only looks to the US media appearances as a form of entertainment. like a bad drug we only know can make us feel a sense of hopelessness and despair. that’s probably the whole reason they command so much attention from the globe.

    don’t forget, the nazis learned their propaganda techniques from the ‘progressive’ administration of woodrow wilson during WWI. feel free to verify that in mein kampf.

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