Blood in Libya

bread, freedom, human dignity

A report from a friend in Tripoli. She must remain nameless.

I’m here and safe for now, al-hamdullah. There is no internet in Libya, and maybe there will be no electricity in the coming days. I uploaded software late at night to get the internet, and very few have access to this software.

The death toll in Benghazi is growing, almost 80 are dead just in 3 days. It’s getting dirty here and the media coverage is too little. We are not getting the international attention and I am afraid if the Libyan protesters are ignored, this murderer will seal Libya off from the world and ruthlessly kill any protest before they even have the chance to begin.

Yesterday, I left work and I went to Sahat el-Ghadra, where all his thugs were supporting him. They got all kids out of schools and forced them to carry posters of his pictures and everyone to hang the stupid Libyan flag inside their cars and … the number of flags around Tripoli are more than the number of bloody flags you can see in the US.

I called a friend of mine yesterday and asked him to accompany me to downtown. I wanted to take vids and pictures and talk to people. I tried to talk to the kids (age around 13 or less) and sadly their minds are so corrupted and people around downtown were staring at me & my friend suspiciously. Once I asked the kids: “Why are you not at school? Why are you wondering in the streets?’’ Some replied: “We march for the sake of our father Muammar’’. Once I asked: “And what did Muammar do for you to go out and sing his name?” The moment I asked this question some kids ran right away, others started to curse me, curse al-Jazeera (I guess they assumed I am from al-Jazeera ), and people around were staring and my friend recording. We almost got caught but we took our car and ran off.

There are NO demonstrations opposing Gaddafi in Tripoli – for now. Some people tried out within an area called Fashloom in Tripoli, but it was turned down in minutes. However, last night people from Fashloom beat the hell out of those thugs who went on marches supporting Gaddafi and disappeared before the police came.

Demonstrations can not start from Tripoli, but insha’Allah they will end in Tripoli. Gaddafi is frustrated now, he thought something against him will happen in Tripoli, but he thought wrong.

I don’t know if you saw the sad videos of Benghazi and its martyrs. I will forward them to you through facebook. Once I get hold of a video i immediately send it to my friends the dissidents outside Libya to help get the media coverage.

The burial services of 30 martyrs in Hawari Cemetery in Benghazi now…al-Jazeera said 20 dead …NO! It’s more than 80 by now !!!

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