How Many Martyrs?

Our thoughts and prayers are with the heroes and heroines and martyrs of Libya, and with our brave correspondent in Tripoli, now under fire. Communication is on and off, mainly off. Here is her most recent report. Since she sent it the phone lines have been cut entirely and the city’s electricity is also disconnected.

I live in the Ben Ashour area of Tripoli. Minutes ago my neighborhood was under severe aircraft attacks. Non-Libyan mercenaries are attacking the people. 60 brave Libyans from the army were executed because they refused to kill their own brothers who were going on totally peaceful, unarmed demonstrations.

I hear the nonstop gun machines all round the area of Ben Ashour. We are witnessing the second massacre today and the death toll is reaching 250 in Tripoli and increasing! At this very moment I’m seeing at least 4 jets flying around the city of Ben Ashour. Armed mercenaries are located in different areas of Tripoli, mainly: Ben Ashour, Fashloum, Soug Ejoumaa, Gergaresh.

I heard that the jets are targeting unarmed civilians randomly (women, kids, elders). It’s 8:30 pm now and the number of martyrs is over 250 and I heard confirmed information that the attacks will not stop before 3 am, and I’m grieving and wondering how many martyrs Libya will witness by the morning of 22th February.

Libya is Sad these days and its brave and free people are experiencing a mountainous level of stress with the daily massacres taking place in the cities of Libya. No media coverage for these massacres. Libyans are dying for the sake of freedom, democracy, peace and a constitution for their country, and the world is binding their hands and watching Libyans going extinct by the notorious criminal Kaddafi.

Actually the Libyan national channel right now is airing songs LIVE in ‘’Saha el Ghadra’’ supporting their beloved leader, when they are massacring the peaceful demonstrators in other areas of Tripoli.

I was informed that the whole city will be out of electricity at any second and I am doing my best to describe the situation in Tripoli for the people to feel what we feel and live through my words a tiny portion of what we are living and experiencing now. It’s the second night only and a medical source confirmed that the hospitals (al-Tebi, Sharaa Ezawiya, Busleem) are already too crowded with hundreds of martyrs and injured (160 martyrs confirmed in last night’s massacre).

And now in this very great minute I can hear our Libyan heroes chanting: ‘’ Bi Dam, Bi Rooh Nefdeek Ya LIBYA’’  (With our Blood and Souls we Sacrifice for you, O Libya!) And immediately after this I heard with it heavy artillery.

Massacres are happening nearby my area Ben Ashour NOW…No stop gun machines and I can smell the smoke of the gunfire all around the house.

Allahu Akbar

One thought on “How Many Martyrs?”

  1. Our thoughts, prayers, and admiration are for the noble peole of Libya who are engaged in the most sacred and heroic struggle for our collective freedom and dignity against the evil forces of the criminal Kaddafi and his repugnant mercenaries. The criminal Kaddafi regime has been exposed for what it is, criminal.

    As the immortal Tunisian poet Abul-Kassim Al-Shabi said: “When the people demand freedom, destiny will respond. The darkness of the night will inevitably give way to the sparkling light of day, and the chains (of oppression) will be broken.” Today the noble people of Libya have a date with destiny. The dawn of freedom is approaching…gloriously.

    To my sisters and brothers in Libya I would like to say: What a magnificent and noble struggle yours is! You make us proud. May God Almighty grant you victory soon; our hearts are with you all the way.

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