3 thoughts on “Israel resumes slaughter in Gaza”

  1. How long can these people put up with this. I haven’t seen any report on this by mainstream media..I am so angry with the Israelis…I don’t equate them with the Jewish Religion I have no problem with anyone’s religion..they are a country just like any other country how come they can get away this barbaric behaviour..this isn’t about religion this is racism..

  2. As an Israeli I find this strikes unacceptable and awful. Nevertheless it is impossible to take this report seriously when it fails to mention the rocket attacks launched from Gaza against the civilian population of Israel in clear contravention of the Geneva convention.

    I do not believe in tit-for-tat warfare but to present these latest strikes against Gaza in isolation is disingenuous. Please note I am not justifying these attacks by the Israeli army, but I would expect a news report like this to place them in a clear context.

    I call on my government to stop these attacks and to take responsibility for their war crimes. Will you do the same for the perpetrators of rocket attacks against Israel?

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