United States of Israel

Sarah Palin is just the latest GOP politician to visit to Israel after a string of possible Presidential hopefuls to make a pilgrimage to the Holy Land in the past few months. Why is establishing your credentials in Tel Aviv before running for US president as vital as stumping in New Hampshire?

6 thoughts on “United States of Israel”

  1. I’m wondering if the rest of you are ashamed to see Pulse run this stuff — attempt to line up the Palestine solidarity movement with racist right-wing nationalism. Not only is it morally odious but it will never work, because the corporations know their bottom lines (they also know that the Israeli economy is a subsidiary of the American economy, or to be more precise the NASDAQ englobes the TASE). Good luck.

    1. How long do the Palestinian people have to put up with being butchered. This is not about religion..I am not against any religious belief..this is pure racism..and money interests.
      It is a crime against humanity what is happening here.
      Israel is like any other country in the world they have to be accountable for their brutal behaviour. Someone needs to tell the truth about what is going on here…disgusting greed…if therre is a God he/she wouldn’t be impressed….

  2. Death to fascist Israel, this moral and political stain on the face of this good earth. Shame and dishonor on mommy Israel, zionized fascist America. And death to all the Arab and European facilitators and collaborators in this sick and sinful incestuous relationship.

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