Gaza children caught in the crossfire

In three days of fighting 18 Palestinians have been killed and dozens injured, while two Israelis have been wounded.

Civilians particularly children have borne the brunt of the latest flare up in violence between Hamas and Israel.

Families urge for children to be spared but with both sides refusing to back down, the prospects of a ceasefire seem unlikely.

Al Jazeera’s Nicole Johnston reports from Gaza.

5 thoughts on “Gaza children caught in the crossfire”

  1. With their Libyan campaign such a success in the west, what’s stopping the ziofascists in Gaza? It’s an ideal time to run terrorist ops, and perhaps nab a few kidneys to sell on the black market in pennsylvania or new york.

  2. I think it is absolutely disgraceful that is allowed to continue. It’s like history repeating itself, like in Germany with the concentration camps, no one wanted to speak about it. Non of the mainstream media outlets are reporting the truth and most people in the West don’t have a clue what is really happening. People need to speak out, what will history write about us. I don’t want that on my conscience. Has the world lost it’s humanity, these people are living in a ghetto and have no where to escape to.

  3. O hayate you just make yourself ridiculous. The Libyan campaign is not a zionist campaign. Do you have to pop up after every post to repeat your hysterics?

    1. Good to see you defending your fellow zionists, y-k. You know, honesty is always the best strategy. If you people would learn to practice honesty, rather than subterfuge, you wouldn’t encounter so much hostility from everyone. But then you lot know that, don’t you. ;D

  4. Call for no-fly zone over Gaza

    Monday 11 April 2011

    The Arab League said on Sunday that it would ask the United Nations to impose a no-fly zone over the Gaza Strip to protect civilians against Israeli air strikes.

    The league said it would ask for an emergency meeting of the UN security council to discuss Israel’s ongoing attacks on Gaza, to lift the siege and impose a no-fly zone against the Israeli Defence Forces.

    Some 19 Palestinians are thought to have been killed and over 60 injured in a series of Israeli attacks on the blockaded enclave since Thursday….”


    Somehow, I doubt israel’s stooges attacking Libya will be interested in a n-fz over Gaza, ziomassa wouldn’t approve.

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