Syrian Protests and Bullets

Three films from demonstrations in Syria yesterday. People protested in the suburbs of Damascus, Hama, Dera’a, the Kurdish north east, the desert town Raqqa and elsewhere. The first film shows a large crowd in Lattakia chanting ash-sha’ab yureed isqaat al-nizam – The People Want the Fall of the Regime. No reservations there. The second film shows security forces firing live ammunition at protestors in Homs. The third is Tartus. They’re chanting bi-rooh bi-dam nafdeek ya Dara’a – With Our Souls and Blood We Sacrifice for you, O Dara’a.

2 thoughts on “Syrian Protests and Bullets”

  1. Nine servicemen killed in north Syrian ambush

    13:45 11/04/2011

    “The number of Syrian servicemen killed in an ambush on an armed forces unit in the country’s northwest has risen to nine, the Syrian SANA news agency reported on Monday.

    The armed forces unit came under attack at a highway between the port cities of Latakia and Tartus on Sunday afternoon. Seven soldiers and two officers are among those killed, Sana said, quoting an official source.

    Previous reports said one serviceman had been killed and dozens injured.

    The agency said armed groups opened fire on ambulances, which arrived on the scene after the attack. An ambulance driver and nurses are among the many wounded.

    Syrian media reports said at least 19 police and Security Forces officers were killed in clashes in the southern city of Daraa at the border with Jordan on Friday….”


    Peaceful, pro democracy protestors shooting up ambulances, eh? Now let me see, who makes it a habit to shoot up ambulances? Hold on, it’s on the tip of my tongue…ah, got it, israel does this to Palestinians. So we got “peaceful protesters” in Syria using the same exact tactics the israeli guv uses against Palestinians. Obviously, just a coincidence, along with the fact they are heavily armed, just like those Libyan “pro democracy protesters”, who just happened to also be armed to the teeth with outside supplied weaponry and fascist, terrorist tactics. See this video for reference:

    Libya Rebels had NATO Weapons from Day 1

    Nickolay Starikov, April 10, 2011


    A few months ago, I wrote that as the israeloamerican/israeloeu position becomes more desperate, they will increase the amount of destruction they inflict on the peoples of this planet. Right now we are at stage 3, Afghanistan & Iraq were 1 & 2, respectively, it’s going to get a lot worse. A whole lot worse, since ziofascism, inc. has a Masada complex and time is against these fascists.

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