The Fight Continues

Xan Rice reports for the Guardian from besieged Misrata.

The resistance from the rebels – from all the people in Misrata – seems remarkable given their limited armoury and experience. That they have managed to keep Gaddafi’s forces to one side of the city seems a miracle, or at least a masterclass in guerrilla warfare.

At least a thousand have been killed in Misrata, 3000 are injured, and 300,000 huddle in a small section of the city away from the frontlines. Qaddafi’s forces are using sniper fire, heavy artillery and, Israel-style, illegal cluster bombs.

But there is some good news. This film shows the people of Misrata celebrating the recapture of a bank and insurance building. This film shows the people of revolutionary Nalut receiving news of the elimination of a Qaddafi commander. For those who tell us that Libya is split east-west, Nalut is in western Libya. According to the UN, 11,000 have fled Qaddafi’s attacks on Nalut for Tunisia in recent days. This film is from the western mountains. A revolutionary fighter announces the capture of ‘Libyan mercenaries’ – so-called because the regime bought them – and his plan to have them tried in Zawiya and Sabrata, the cities in which they committed their crimes, once freedom comes. Meanwhile, revolutionaries today captured the Wazin border crossing, forcing Qaddafi forces to surrender to Tunisian troops.

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