You don’t protect children by killing children

Nato is now engaged in open terrorism. Having failed in its ostensible mission to protect the civilians of Ben Ghazi and Misurata, it is now raining bombs on civilians in Tripoli, including a disabled childrens’ school, in a manner not dissimilar to Gaddafi’s. In a clear breach of the UN mandate, it has also tried to assassinate Gaddafi, instead killing his son and grandchildren.

Meanwhile, according to sources on the ground, Misurata’s Qasr Ahmed neighbourhood remains under intense assault from Gaddafi’s Grad rockets.

Author: Idrees Ahmad

I am a Lecturer in Digital Journalism at the University of Stirling and a former research fellow at the University of Denver’s Center for Middle East Studies. I am the author of The Road to Iraq: The Making of a Neoconservative War (Edinburgh University Press, 2014). I write for The Observer, The Nation, The Daily Beast, Los Angeles Review of Books, The Atlantic, The New Republic, Al Jazeera, Dissent, The National, VICE News, Huffington Post, In These Times, Le Monde Diplomatique, Die Tageszeitung (TAZ), Adbusters, Guernica, London Review of Books (Blog), The New Arab, Bella Caledonia, Asia Times, IPS News, Medium, Political Insight, The Drouth, Canadian Dimension, Tanqeed, Variant, etc. I have appeared as an on-air analyst on Al Jazeera, the BBC, TRT World, RAI TV, Radio Open Source with Christopher Lydon, Alternative Radio with David Barsamian and several Pacifica Radio channels.

3 thoughts on “You don’t protect children by killing children”

  1. Horseshit. You’re twisting the truth with inflamed rhetoric in order to obtain the propaganda value for the anti-imperialist movement. While I completely agree with the objective of the movement, I have point out the shoddy means you employ to get there.

    Your premise is so far fetched – “raining bombs on civilians” – you _too_ missed your target and the truth is now collateral damage. Obviously it was a miss with a precision guided missile and not a “bomb” (let alone “raining bombs”) and, from the link you provided, the children’s home was obviously not the target as you construe.

    Your other point about the illegality of assassination of heads of state and the NATO mission creep is completely incredible now that you’ve resorted to tabloid journalism techniques.

    How are you ever going to convince anyone of anything if you misconstrue facts in such an obvious way. You’re worse than Obama telling us “we didn’t choose this fight,” in his late night announcement last night. Of course we chose this fight.

    Anyone looking into the propaganda surrounding OBL’s death? If 9/11 was a controlled demolition, what was OBL’s role? Where’s the evidence?

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