All Things Considered

I was a guest on BBC Wales’s All Things Considered, a religious programme, talking about Christians in the Arab world in the light of the Arab revolutions. Also talking are the Right Reverend Bill Musk, based in Tunisia, Bishop Angelos, who serves the Coptic community in London, and the Reverend Christopher Gillam, who admires the Syrian regime and overemphasises Syrian Christian opposition to the uprising. Apologies for my voice, which was heavy with cold.

Gillam’s problem may be that he only speaks to ‘official’ Christians. Here‘s an article on Christian opposition to the regime. I like this quote: “The Christian churches have been bought, and have allowed themselves to be bought,” criticizes Otmar Oehring, a human rights expert with the Aachen-based Catholic aid organization Missio. “They’re ignoring the fact that so many people are dying.”

3 thoughts on “All Things Considered”

  1. Just like its namesake program in the US, this “All Things Considered” is really “Too many things considered”. It is yet another program that doesn’t enable the possibility of synthesis — Robin says this, but then the other clown says that… Someone is trying to make a cogent argument, but before he finishes a sentence, it is time to move on to the next inane repetitious comment.

    And why focus only on Christians? What about the others?

    And why does Robin bother to appear on a “religious” program at all? These Reverends produce prodigious streams of blather, and it best to simply ignore them.

  2. well, they invited me. I agree with you about the quality of the programme and the discussion.

  3. I say just follow your conscience. Its a real cliche but very true. Nobody can please everyone so do what feels right in your heart and even more so your mind. In other words follow your integrity.

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