The Assault on Ali Farzat

Here I am on PRI’s The World discussing the assault on Ali Farzat this morning.

And here‘s Foreign Policy’s comment on the assault plus a gallery of Farzat’s cartoons.

On the radio I said that the Syrian regime isn’t trying to be popular at present. Escalating its attacks on Syrian cities in Ramadan, increasing the gunfire at the dawn prayer and at the break of fast: these are not moves calculated to win popularity. Likewise, when regime torturers force the detained to pray to a picture of the dictator, and to repeat ‘There is no god but Bashaar’, they are not seeking approval. It’s much more basic than that. The message is: We can do whatever the hell we like. We can outrage you as much as we choose. We can shock you with our barbarity and then shock you again, because we are unimaginably strong.

But they aren’t strong. They are very weak indeed, as we will all soon – insha’allah – discover.

One thought on “The Assault on Ali Farzat”

  1. How could the Assad’s regime of Syria be so foolishly, indeed criminally, violating the basic human norms and values, let alone the Arab/Islamic values of the people of Syria, and yet have the audacity to claim of being not only legitimate, but also the torch bearer of Arabism and the defender of Arab rights and dignity? Like the repugnat Gaddafi regime of the “former Libya,” the morally corrupt and politically dying Assad’s regime has finally been exposed for what it is; criminal, void of human decency, and alien to the very essence of Syrian culture and value system. It has become a total disgrace to what Syria stands for. The sooner this criminal regime disappears the better – not only for the noble people of Syria but also for the sake of protecting human decency.

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