Three Films (Victory and Music)

Three films from the Syrian Revolution. The first is a good illustration of why the revolution will win. Uniformed insecurity forces chant the tired old ‘with our souls and blood we sacrifice for you, Bashaar.’ It’s clear that their hearts aren’t in it. At least one soldier looks completely bewildered. The people of Inkhel respond by chanting ‘with our souls and blood we sacrifice for you, o martyr.‘ Their hearts are certainly in it. The second film (after the break) comes from Kisweh, a suburb of Damascus, and you should play it with the volume up. It demonstrates the Syrian appreciation of rhythm and drums as well as of freedom (hurriyeh). The third is a song sung by ‘Najwa from Nawa’ – Nawa is a village in the Hawran – calling on Bashaar to ‘irhal’ – get out.

2 thoughts on “Three Films (Victory and Music)”

  1. Thank you for this, but I don’t this is what will decide the issue. Blood will and that’s how the baath want it. the protesters now this and have backed down a inch.
    I can barely stand to read the news anymore. How much can this go on?

  2. I don’t think the protestos have backed down an inch. On the contrary. I think this could go on for a long time yet, and may still become a civil war situation. However, I don’t think the regime can survive in the middle to long term. In the last month much of the business community, the upper middle classes, and many minorities have reached the end of their patience. It’s notable that Iran is now recalibrating its position. I expect Iran’s intelligence is telling authorities that Bashaar can’t survive, hence the new talk about the necessity of ending violence, for people to elect their leaders, and much less talk of foreign conspiracies.

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