4 thoughts on “Michael Moore on Occupy Wall Street”

  1. Michael is a good communicator but his understanding of the most elemental economics is so shallow and simplistic as to be frightening. America’s problems are “100 percent the fault of corporations.” – And zero percent government & politicians? Michael’s mad…and in the very next breath he says they must go after the bad guys responsible. Barney Frank, Chris Dodd, Franklin Raines and those introducing bad mortgages into the market under the political pressure of the Community Reinvestment act should be quaking at the thought of jail time. That was the root cause of today’s crisis – the financial packagers of Wall St were as caught off guard as the rest of the nation, but also centrally placed to survive it being necessary to politician’s survival.

    “You, corporate America, can’t take your jobs overseas …perhaps we’ll make it illegal!” Just how much does Mr. Moore think Americans would be willing to pay for almost everything at wage rates thirty times those of Asia? Outsourcing was the result of a misaligned international labor costs. The sudden increase in the availability of inexpensive labor in Asia and China and the cheaper prices of goods from the rest of the world, juxtaposed with inflexible politically entrenched American unions gave many businesses no choice but to seek a labor climate where they could produce goods at competitive prices to those of foreign producers. Market prices rule businesses, not wishful thinking. Not everyone would pay $100.00 for his baseball cap, as Mr. Moore might for his notion of social justice.

    “Corporations need to pay more Taxes!” – Corporations pay no taxes no matter how much you tax them. They don’t pay their light bills, their water bills, THEY PAY NOTHING, EVER. YOU pay the taxes on corporations, Mr. Moore; we all do, in the prices we pay for the products we use! A tax on corporations is a tax on everyone buying the products because it is simply another cost passed on in the price.

    While your taxing those American corporations, with American workers and raising the price of their products do you think the cheap labor Chinese counterpart they must compete with is paying your corporate tax? Whose price of goods will then be cheaper in the marketplace? Perhaps you will volunteer to take the newly unemployed your clever corporate tax puts on the street into your home for the duration?

    “These bankers hate this country – and need to be stopped”. Yes, I’m sure they were all born overseas (like Mr. Soros, perhaps?), all, being the spawn of the devil, have neither American parents, grandparents nor children and deserve only communism’s traditional sacrament of reason – a bullet in a ditch. I say we make Mr. Moore pull the trigger when the time comes. Imagine how nicely cinematic it would have been to have the cameras rolling in that Russian basement when the Tsar’s family, not a child spared, met that fate in 1918.

    The man is a sort of Pillsbury dough boy of spouting ignorance atop a soapbox of sophistry, ginning up sad envy among those in pain of equally deficient understanding. Some people have a gift.

    If Mr. Moore actually dwelt for a time on what a ‘profit’ actually is; the meaning inherent in the concept beyond the accounting definition, the implications would humble him to his core. I won’t hold my breath.

    1. Moore is an unrepentant democrat party supporter who will not admit the failings of the party even now when it is exposed to the world. But I guess that goes along with your suggestion that he lacks basic understanding of the political system.

      Sorry, but I wouldn’t recommend this video to anyone.

  2. CNN deliberately chose to interview Michael Moore because of him being a lightning rod, rather than to have Chris Hedges who is much more able to communicate.


  3. Michael Moore was so overly hoping the Bush-regime would be voted out, that he in error blamed Nader. The fact is that American citizens are so completely brainwashed and self centered, this enabled the Ruling Elite (Dem/Gop) winning be default in the election.
    Other than perhaps a few unimportant mispeak’s by Moore, what Moore has accomplished in movies I find accurate if not unnecessarily forgiving… “Crimes Against Humanity” whether within America or around the world, are yet ‘crimes against humanity’.

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