Is ESPN’s Documentary about Bahrain Iranian Propaganda too?

We are interested in seeing how the PR agents of Bahrain’s ruling Al Khalifa family will try to spin this documentary produced by the U.S. sports channel, ESPN, as Iranian propaganda.

If you haven’t already seen Al Jazeera’s report on the brutally repressed and resilient democracy movement in Bahrain, you can watch it here.

One thought on “Is ESPN’s Documentary about Bahrain Iranian Propaganda too?”

  1. So little info provided by US msm on the democratic struggle in Bahrain this past spring/summer. Mostly we got a lot of “nothing”….sprinkled with a few crumbs of cautionary words after their dictator/king and the rest of this 200 yr Dynastic domination over the “minority” 70% sect of the Bahraini population. US political leadership did not want to “offend” the royals there or in KSA, which led the military incursion against the unarmed non violent protestors. Bahrain a lovely place off the coast of the Arabian peninsula where the US 5th Fleet is ported. The US had just completed a whopping multi billion dollar weapons deal and the bombs took precedence over the news of arrests, torture, imprisonment and killing of numbers of Bahraini civilians including dozens, or perhaps hundreds of doctors, nurses and others – cut down by KSA mercenary soldiers. In this brief documentary we learn about events thru the coverage of their championship Soccer team members who were tortured as well, now in exile. Where is Justice?

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