Poem: Dry Fruit and Nuts

by Amjad Majid

When you are away
I see the night running
away with my days
In oblivion seasons change
and tell me it is time
to harvest and gather.

From orchard to orchard,
I strain my poise in gloom,
branches pat my head,
consoling me obtrusively,
as I garner what they bear,
morosely I am stealing
what some call taking
for the giving,
but not for the sale…

…I have boxed my tears
in coffins that we send out
in parcels
of dried fruit for export
The aroma of apricots
is sweetened dry
beset by the woe of this land
I have sent you my despairs
in these parceled coffins
asphyxiated by plastic wrap
such that this melancholy to you
taped shut
may taste sweet and dry
premium quality export
organic by nature and silent
with vitamins and minerals
from this Country without a Post Office
I have sent you
my nuts
walnuts, almonds and cashews,
boxed in coffins
with all taxes and shipping included
I have sent you my nuts
so you may taste
that I have nothing left to fear.

From Exile within Exile (Amjad Majid)

Amjad Majid has lived in exile in four continents for the last twenty-one years, and has written poetry and composed music inspired by his birthplace. His book of poems titled Exile within Exile is forthcoming.

3 thoughts on “Poem: Dry Fruit and Nuts”

  1. Directed here from the feature at http://en.wordpress.com/tag/poetry/. This is an excellent poem from the great opening (“when you are away I see the night running away with my days”), through the harvesting (“branches pat my head, consoling me obtrusively”) all the way to the end. There is absolute magic in the use of words and the creation of meaning-filled images. What a deligth this was to read!

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