Are there any winners of the Iraq war?

With Inside Story Americas, Shihab Rattansi has really elevated the quality of the show. Rattansi is in my view Al Jazeera’s best anchor and the following is a rather superb show with an excellent selection of guests. Don’t miss.

3 thoughts on “Are there any winners of the Iraq war?”

  1. Basically Al Jazeera is following the track of all the other media giants. They’ll point a camera at anyone with an opinion regardless of what agenda, hidden or otherwise, they have in their pocket. In the end we all wind up shaking our heads in approval of those who validate what we believed at the beginning of the show.

  2. We don’t know who signed the post so the first person voice is a mystery. Who is this bodyless eye who goes around making pronouncements?

    1. Thanks for pointing that out. The eye making the pronouncements would be mine, and thankfully I’m still in possession of my body. Perhaps I was a bit unfair to Inside Story, there have certainly been some excellent discussions. But mostly it is a rather perfunctory fare with often curious choice of guests. It is still a lot better than what one gets on the BBC or CNN.

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