There was no war in Gaza, it was a massacre

Norman Finkelstein explains, what is obvious to those paying close attention, that there was no war in Gaza, what took place there was a massacre.

14 thoughts on “There was no war in Gaza, it was a massacre”

  1. OK, no war, but a police action. Does it matter? How many rockets justify a reaction? One, ten? Certainly thousand. And then how would Dr. Finkelstein punish the rocketeering party after warning them repeatedly?

    1. There as been ample discussion over the years about how to stop (or at least minimize) the rockets from Gaza. The fact that these avenues have not been explored – and have been completely ignored or rebuffed – should provide ample evidence that preventing terrorist attacks (whether from Palestinians or the IDF) is NOT the first priority of Israeli leaders.

  2. Mr. Cohen: You have the nerve to refer to the “rocketeering party” as an instigation for deliberate killings by Israel with precision bombs, Israel’s burning white phosphorus showers, Israeli snipers killing women walking with white flags, Israel’s denial of ambulances to injured civilians whereby causing their deaths (even whole families)? Hundreds of children were killed by Israel deliberately. What planet are you really living on?

    1. Mevr. Jansen: I may be living on a different planet than you, definitely not in La-La-Land. You may not realize it, but there is a war going on between Hamas, Jihad, Hezbollah and Israel. I hate wars, wars are dirty and people are getting killed and maimed, quite often innocent people, especially if one of the warring parties hides among the civilan population. How would you want your government to react if your country was being bombarded with 4,000 rockets?

      1. All you need to do to end the conflict is to deeply , truly believe and feel and act on the equality of your neighbors , both personal and regional , and give up this segregationist , intrinsically collectivist supremacist , zionism . Be a mensch of conscious like Dr Finkelstein .

  3. Here is how the war began: Hamas had been observing a truce for four months. The truce was supposed to last for six months, until mid-December. Israel broke the truce on November 4. After that the rockets started flying.

    An interesting study came out during the Gaza War/Massacre. The study examined conflict pauses between Palestinians and Israelis. Overwhelming, Israel was the first to kill, and with any pause in the conflict lasting longer than a week, Israel was always the first to kill. See

    Had Israel wanted peace, it could have observed the truce and then renewed it. As both Jimmy Carter and Gershon Baskin wrote in separate op-eds, Hamas was willing to renew the truce if Israel was willing to lift the siege. Israel was not willing to do so in a meaningful way. I believe that Israel was picking a fight so that it could get rid of Hamas militarily before Barack Obama became president.

  4. “How would you want your government to react if your country was being bombarded with 4,000 rockets?”

    By finally adhering to int’l law, ending the worse-than-apartheid system, ceasing and withdrawing from illegal outposts, curbing illegal settlers, giving Palestinians their land and tax credits back, growing up, 1967 borders, stop coveting Lebanese land and water, stop the belligerent massacres, accept the 2002 Saudi Peace Plan, stop black-ops in Middle East countries to destabilise them ….

    Straightforward really.

  5. The Zionist programme was about providing “a safe home for the Jews (Zionists)”. If I am to believe Mr Cohen the Zionist programme has failed: the Zionists in Israel do not feel safe. Maybe Israeli Zionists should get rid of the Herzl / Ben Gurion programme and start learning to live with their neighbours.

    1. Hi y’all, apparently my answers to some of you are being censored by Pulse as being “dishonest”, and though the discussion was closed they allow it to continue in a unilateral fashion, so it’s no use to continue.

    2. Thank you for this wonderful website, especially one that has filtered out the hateful, well organized, propaganda, of the Hasbara.
      They have been fully trained to attack commentators, publications, authors, even moderate Jews, for bringing to light the atrocities of the Israeli government, in their aim to deflect from the truth.
      Good luck.

  6. “You take my water, burn my olive trees, destroy my house, take my job, steal my land, imprison my father, kill my mother, bomb my country, starve us all, BUT I am to blame; I shot a rocket back.”
    Native Palestinian

    Of those 4,000 rockets that Simon Cohen is talking about, none have killed any Israelis to my knowledge. They are of the harmless variety.

    Not so the deadly killing machine that the suffering Palestinians have to endure on a daily basis. White phosphorus, laser guided missiles and killer drones are just part of the Israeli death raining down on a defenceless population. The crimes of the Anglo-American-Zionist axis of evil has no equal in the world today.

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