Reading Sebald

by Manash  Bhattacharjee

G. W. Sebald  (1944-2001)
G. W. Sebald (1944-2001)

World, take a backseat.
Do not disturb.
I am reading Sebald.

Trees with eyes flit by
My blind face.
I hurriedly drink

Sebald slows me down.
I am a caterpillar
Of existence. I crawl in
Green fear
Towards the blade’s edge.

I think of the dead.
Some graze my mind.
Others run amuck.
The dead haven’t died.

I read Sebald. The sun turns
Into a snowball.
Time holds up a crystal
Of half-lies.

I keep turning the pages.
Night, the ghost, descends
On horseback.

I follow echoes of hoofs
Drowning in the sea.

Writing is not the speaking
But the hearing
Through steel against steel.

And life is an inverse
Journey by train
Where the wheels of memory
Run over you.

Manash Bhattacharjee is a poet and scholar living in New Delhi.

3 thoughts on “Reading Sebald”

  1. ~He will cover

    you with his
    under his wing then
    you will rest~ (Sebald)

    Read him or he will read you….
    Behind his fire, only blank pages…
    Behind his pages, a string of sweat,
    handcuff of dust
    You read him….
    Or memories will gorge you
    Read him…
    Or love will dance with history…
    Read him, for you must
    For the earth is Sebald…
    Say bald….but he will offer
    a mountain of hair…a sea of seas
    Say bold….he’ll create fear…
    Love him, read him, blow him…
    Sebald is reading you…

    Lovely……Manash….a very good one….!!!

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