3 thoughts on “AI in Syria”

  1. AI is also known for (1) helping the “throwing the babies out of the incubators” propaganda fabrication in the lead up to the invasion of Iraq 1991; (2) assist in scuppering the investigation into the Jenin massacre; (3) putting a Croatian “rape victim” on a 25-US-city tour, and it turns out that the person was a chief Croatian propagandist…

    And Donatella Rovera has a very poor record reporting on the abuse of Palestinians. She likes to posture; and she loves appearing on TV. Unfortunately, with this record on must wonder about some of her statements.

  2. AI also has a record to working diligently to get guantanamo detainees released; of publishing damning reports on Israel’s assault on Gaza and Lebanon; of recommending George W. Bush for arrest.

    But all of that is besides the point. Do you have any evidence to contradict AI’s report?

  3. I have a problem with pick & choose approach to human rights or campaigning. As the article by Ann Wright/Coleen Rowley (on Pulse) shows, AI is a dodgy organization, and its focus and its studious avoidance of certain coverage should make us wary of that organization. How can you make your points using the bits that you like in their reports, say about Syria, but then, maybe, ignore the fact that AI has virtually nothing to say about, or actually promotes, the US-UK-NATO wars around the world?

    And from Wright/Rowley we know that AI lends itself to promoting certain wars. Could AI also play a similar role in pushing for intervention or war against Syria? Would that bring AI’s reports into question?

    Yes, horrible things are certainly happening in Syria, but then lets use other reputable sources. In my opinion, the best thing to do is to disregard AI reports in toto. Ditto HRW… and many of the “human rights industry” output.

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