The day Hasan and Husam met their government

This is a photo of brothers Hasan and Husam al Zouabi from Daraa, Syria.

And this is a photo of Hasan and Husam after they met their government.

If you want to find out how they cleverly engineered their own deaths to make their benevolent president and his anti-imperialist socialist republic look bad, visit Media Lens.

2 thoughts on “The day Hasan and Husam met their government”

  1. very sad…


    a photo of dead people, of any age, “proves” that they are dead…

    perhaps six million more photos, with assad’s fingerprints – such as do not exist re hitler and a much worse and murderous situation called by the popular title “the holocaust” mainly because that far more terrible situation was also exaggerated for political purposes – would be more convincing?

    who did this? jews? blacks? gaddafi? hussein? bush? reagan?

    the extent to which people will go, whether right wing fascist types or more leftish or liberal-progressive, to prove their point, only make mind management and thought control more dangerous than ever since they are practiced by the very same kinds of people who originated or took up the terms as criticism of the rulers but now practice them as…opponents…?

    viva obama… unless you’ve seen photos of the babies with squashed brains resulting from his humanitarian programs in libya, palestine, syria, iran, lebanon, etc.

    1. Hello ‘frank scott’. I usually don’t publish your comments because I suspect you are a far-rightist posing as a leftist to give leftists a bad name. I have met more than a few leftists whose are morally or intellectually under-developed, but I’ve never met one as stupid as you. Aren’t you the person who suggested that the Assad regime’s torture must be tonic since 6 years after leaving one of his torture chambers, Maher Arar looked healthy? That argument is familiar: since it was what the Free Republic types claimed about Guantanamo. It couldn’t be so bad since some of the detainees actually put on weight by the time they left. Yes, anything short of a holocaust without passport-size photographs of each victim couldn’t possibly count as a crime. And if one condemns a crime in Syria and does not in the same breath condemn a crime in Afghanistan, then must perforce by an Obama-loving genocidaire.

      You can’t be for real: no one be so deficient both morally and intellectually.

      P.s. I’d like you to condemn me more since my websites feature pictures like this.

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