In praise of the 101st Airborne

They call them the ‘screaming eagles’; their courage is the stuff of legends. Men of the 101st Airborne are never daunted by impossible odds — especially if the odds are in their favour. They show a jaunty nonchalance in combat, a complete indifference to danger — especially if it’s danger that they themselves have created, to which only their enemies are exposed. As the following gun camera footage shows, they exhibit absolutely no sign of fear sitting in their AH64 Apache gunship while confronted with the real and present threat of destitute farmers armed with poppy seeds. They even sing before despatching their fearsome adversaries with a Hellfire missile. If I had the authority, I’d remove that eagle from their insignia and replace it with something more befitting–something like an image of George Zimmerman. What better avatar for men who stand their ground with such valour?

One thought on “In praise of the 101st Airborne”

  1. The comparison to George Zimmerman is rather unfair to Zimmerman. Regardless of what actually happened in the confrontation he provoked with Trayvon Martin, Zimmerman probably never had the overwhelming advantage over Martin that those pilots in the U.S. killitary had over those folks on the ground in Afghanistan. A better comparison might be with the cops who murdered 68-year-old Kenneth Chamberlain Sr. in his home in White Plains, NY on November 19 last, but even THEY could theoretically, i.e., without any violation of the laws of physics, have been in danger.

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