The Syrian Revolution in Brazil

This documentary shows the inspiring solidarity extended by Brazilian workers to revolutionaries in Syria and the wider Arab world.  It puts to shame the betrayals of the Cuban and Venezuelan states, and of course the irrelevant Stalinists, Islamophobes and blanket thinkers in the West. Here is the real left, still standing.

2 thoughts on “The Syrian Revolution in Brazil”

  1. I think this video is misleading in suggesting that there is a groundswell of support forthe Syrian revolution in Brasil.
    Firsly , Brasil has a significant Libano – syrian immigrant population, they have been very reluctant to back the protests in Syria and there have been no large scale anti Assad demonstrations here ,the silence has been deafening.´The majority of people of syrian descent are probably Assad sympathisers.
    Secondly the PSTU is an extremely small party with no deputies in congress and received only 0.08% of the vote for their presidential candidate, so what they say or do has little impact here, in fact most active on the left take the usual pro Assad line of anti-imperialism,knowing little of the evolution of the events on the ground in Syria. So sorry to get your hopes up Robin but not much support coming from here.

  2. Not only the syrian conflict but almost most conflicts can be resolved once we tackle the democracy defect. has come up with a pre election steps that is worth trying as a prototype in the coming MP Election in Lebanon. In addition to have posted a suggested new election law.

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