Razan and Leila on the Revolution

Razan Ghazzawi is one of the bravest people I’ve ever had the pleasure to meet. Her blog is here, providing perspectives from on the ground in Syria.

Follow this link to hear her talk on living as a single, unveiled woman in a liberated area of Syria (but one which still suffers Assadist bombardment).

And in her talk, Leila Shrooms of the Tahrir International Collective focuses on the economics of the revolution and the myth of Assad’s ‘socialism’.

2 thoughts on “Razan and Leila on the Revolution”

  1. How come she speaks with a British accent?
    Do you ever speak to native Syrians – as I do – who have a very different view?

    1. I don’t know Leila’s background, but from her accent, as you say, she’s certainly spent a long time in Britain. Razan is a native Palestinian-Syrian living inside. And yes, I do talk to my family members and friends who are inside (including immediate family). And yes, I have been inside Syria as well as to camps in the north since the revolution started. So spare me your sneering tone, whoever you are. (And I really do wonder who you are to be deciding which Syrians are Syrian enough).

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