Why Iranian Dissidents Support the Nuclear Deal—In Their Own Words

Iranian writer Mahmoud Dolatabadi, author of such books as The Colonel, which has been banned in Iran. (International Campaign for Human Rights in Iran)

In my new article for In These Times magazine I discuss the important International Campaign for Human Rights in Iran report High Hopes, Tempered Expectations: Views from Iran on the Nuclear Negotiations, which features interviews with an array of Iranians—former political prisoners, filmmakers, political scientists, civil rights lawyers, playwrights, journalists, actors, economists, novelists, publishers, theater directors (some of them belonging to two or more of these categories, former political prisoner being the most common)—about the nuclear agreement.

Go here to read the article. If you tweet it, please give the International Campaign for Human Rights in Iran a shout-out (@ICHRI).

Author: Danny Postel

I'm a co-editor of PULSE (https://pulsemedia.org/), Assistant Director of the Middle East and North African Studies Program at Northwestern University, author of Reading 'Legitimation Crisis' in Tehran (2006), co-editor of The People Reloaded (2010), The Syria Dilemma (2013), and Sectarianization: Mapping the New Politics of the Middle East (2017), and a contributor to a variety of publications.

One thought on “Why Iranian Dissidents Support the Nuclear Deal—In Their Own Words”

  1. one says “We hope an agreement is reached and that it is signed, so that our nation can take a breath after all this prolonged pressure.” Of course, the Syrian people (and the Lebanese and Iraqis and Yemenis) suffering Iranian occupation and sectarian expansionism, facing Iranian-backed death squads and jihadist militia, are guaranteed to not receive a single breath now that the Iranian state will have more money to spend on its imperialism. Sad to see almost every article on this topic ignore Iran’s crimes against Arab countries – far more damaging to regional and world peace that the squabble between Netanyahu and Iran’s leaders. Hanin Ghaddar is perhaps prescient, here https://now.mmedia.me/lb/en/commentary/565670-the-iran-deal-the-shiites-and-demography

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