On Boston’s Radio Opensource

This was a strange experience. We were told in a long pre-interview that the actual interview would be just us (Leila and I), and would be focused on civil society in Syria. On the day, however, they brought in LRB-contributor Hugh Roberts and American commentator Jeffrey Sachs, so the conversation became enwebbed in a US-centric alternate reality. The host is Chris Lydon. Listen to it here.

One thought on “On Boston’s Radio Opensource”

  1. Hi Robin and Leila,
    You did a fantastic job getting your major point across even though things got a bit heated up with Roberts. If anything, you reached a fair meeting ground: once violence ceases, a rapprochement between the syrian democratic opposition and various pro-regime factions suddenly becomes possible. Unfortunately, as Roberts pointed out, revolutions are never solely national affairs, and it is doubly upsetting that the media plays up the russian/turkish/saudi/iranian angles whilst avoiding the internal syrian democratic voices. Looking forwards to reading your book,

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