Architecture of Occupation

Back in 2004 when I was living in Dubai, I would often escape the soul-destroying tedium of the place by taking long walks along the highway or the beach with a podcast of something intellectually stimulating. Bob McChesney’s Media Matters would always have excellent guests and stimulating discussions. That is how I got an idea for my PhD. More recently I discovered Against the Grain whose host C. S. Soong is a highly erudite and perceptive interviewer, and he always has the kind of guests you wouldn’t find anywhere else, with a focus on sociological, geographical and philosophical issues.

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What can an architect tell us about Israel’s mechanisms of control over, and transformation of, the Occupied Territories? In what ways are the territories an Israeli laboratory, and how might pointing to Israel’s conduct as illegal be ineffective? Eyal Weizman contends that there is an architecture to the occupation that must be examined and condemned.