Henning Mankell – the Action that Proves the Word

Bestselling Swedish crime novelist Henning Mankell – the creator of commissar Kurt Wallander – was on one of the ships aiming to break the illegal siege of Gaza, and was arrested and interrogated by Israeli soldiers. In the Guardian interview below he tells of his experiences, and says, “I believe so strongly in solidarity as an instrument to change the world, and I believe in dialogue, but it’s the action that proves the word.”

I was honoured to meet Henning Mankell in Palestine in 2009 when we were participants in Palfest. Afterwards Mankell wrote a wonderful article which concluded: “The fall of this disgraceful Apartheid system is the only thing conceivable, because it must be.” The Palfest video here shows our disturbing trip to occupied Hebron. Mankell speaks very movingly at 5:39. The Guardian interview comes after the break.

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