Gaza’s Medical Misfortunes

Local health officials in Gaza say that millions of dollars in medication donated by the international community ultimately ends up  as trash because 70 % of it is unusable. Doctors claim that approximately 20% of the donated medication has either expired or is near expiration, and that a large portion of the drugs simply do not address the healthcare needs of Gazans. A case in point was a recent two million dollar donation of H1N1 medication, which arrived in Gaza after the threat of the virus had passed. Amongst the list of 150 drugs that ARE urgently needed in Gaza are antibiotics and cancer treatment medication, both of which continue to be lacking in the donations being sent.

Cuban Education & Healthcare

The following short documentary is interesting not just for its look at Cuban healthcare and education but also due to its Japanese persepective.

Japan is one of the most equal and wealthy societies with more of a collectivist persepective than Western nations and has a good healthcare system.  However the panelists on the following show believe there’s much to learn from Cuba (one of the worlds poorest countries thanks to a brutal US blockade).

I’ve also included some enlightening interviews with US medical students studying in Cuba.

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