Day 5: Growing Support for University of Manchester Occupation

Students at the University of Manchester have just entered their fifth day of occupying university premises.

Latest update:

Today [Saturday] at 2pm around 60 people from around Manchester and beyond came to a protest outside the occupied Simon Building in a show of support for us and the struggle of the people of Palestine. Both campaigners outside and students inside spoke on many subjects ranging from the situation in Gaza now, to the experiences we’ve had in our occupation. During the course of the protest a handful of the scores of messages of support we have received from around the world were read out. This included messages from Palestinian students, the UCU union and other students in Britain campaigning for Palestine. Today’s protest was a continuation of the widespread support that we have from all over.

See the students’ blog from inside the occupation for more information, list of demands and upcoming events.

The people of Manchester have been a key part of that support and instrumental in keeping us comfortable and well fed. Yesterday we received fresh fruit, bedding and kitchen equipment amongst a whole host of other supplies kindly donated by individuals and campaigns across Manchester.

In addition to this material support we’ve also just received the signatures of 174 people from Manchester who support us and our aims. This comes on top of the sustained support we have been given by members of university staff who have helped to lift our moral and add to the strength we have at the university. Hundreds of students and people from Manchester have been involved in this occupation in one way or another and this occupation is their protest as much as it is ours.

We must not and will not forget that this is fundamentally a protest for Palestine. The best way people can support us is to continue to build on the massive movement we have seen. We thank people for their support and hope it continues and that together we can keep pushing forward our campaign locally, nationally and internationally to fight against the oppression of Palestinians. Keep checking our blog, keep emailing your messages in to and keep coming down outside the building to show your support.

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