Student Occupations Reach American Academia

Spreading like wildfire, student university occupations in solidarity with the people of Gaza have finally reached the shores of American academia. Students at the University of Rochester, inspired by their peers in the UK, staged a sit-in and after only 9 hours marched out victorious having won all of their demands.

1. Divestment: We demand the University of Rochester to adopt the “UR-Peaceful Investing Initiative” which institutes a peaceful investment policy to the university’s endowment which includes divestment from corporations that manufacturer weapons and profit from war. (For example, the U of R invests in General Dynamics which manufactures weapons to maintain a 41-year occupation of the Palestinian territories and wars which slaughter Palestinian civilians by the 100s)

2. Humanitarian aid: We demand that the University of Rochester commit to a day of fundraising for humanitarian aid in Gaza within the next two weeks, as part of an ongoing commitment to provide financial support for the humanitarian crisis in Gaza.

3. Academic aid: We demand that the University of Rochester twin with the devastated Gaza University and provide the necessary academic aid (e.g., recycled computers, books, etc. ).

4. Scholarships: We demand that the University of Rochester grant a minimum of five scholarships to Palestinian students every year.

5 thoughts on “Student Occupations Reach American Academia”

  1. Hi there,

    I am reading on fars-news that the Zionist regime is plotting for a civil war in Palestine, to be initiated by assassinating Mahmud Abbas (to be blamed on Hamas!!!)


    even if this is a rumor, it deserves pre-emptive strike!

  2. Very clearly :
    All evil comes from the zionist worldconspiracy, and that turn -on -head propaganda comes from false “protocols of zion” and MEIN KAMPF teaching Kairo and Jerusalem islamists, killing together with nazis in the SS and later together with KGB, learning antisemite Soviet propaganda similar to it by the nazis,
    > see http://www.the big lie and the media war against ISRAEL;… <
    and producing on that way since 1919/1928 ( start of muslembrotherhood ) straight the hatred and pogroms, what made living together peaceful impossible and what is teached by imans, in scools or islam/arab TVs, new published Hitler’s book or modernized “protocols of elders of zion” until today . . .
    – About
    this antiwestern and antijewish strategy and condition b e f o r e founding ISRAEL, we do not need to know about. And if we do, we
    don’t need speak about. Because of the surfacely media, also the “ISRAEL-friendly” media does our business in that most important, fundamental things.

    It is (one of ) the most covered and thing providing the BIG Lie and terror against ISRAEL and the western world : More and more koran teachers dominating the islam world colaborated with the antiwest and antizionism nazi- and soviet strategy and fusioned with the parts of ist most reactioneer ideology. – Beside of all who broke at first cisefire or has “unfair” modern weapons . . .,
    that is the reason what leads to 9-11. and feeds the endless jihad(!)war against ISRAEL, – not to forget that HAMAS a.o. has ambitions in the whole world to kill all jews, like NS., believing that this is the condition to be lucky and to see the “last” days of redemtion. – A apocalyptic deca-massmurder theatre, also like by the nazis.

    SS chief Himmler mentioned, after reading Koran, speaking with the antisemite palestinean leader and making him a SS-officer . . .that he is fascinated by islam and that this would be a very practical ideology for soldiers, giving them the highest reward, if they die in fight . . . SS-Himmler, let the antisemite palestinean leader and propaganda speaker on Berlin radio participate in Holocaust and muslem SS-recruting, what right in his thoughts: The german had been not hard enough, – because not islam-hardened.
    – Only beliving in the propaganda idea of masonic-jewish-bolshevist worldconspiracy makes them not fanatic enough, and Hitler loved to organize the endless massacre by cold hearts, he said, the “antisemitism of ratio”, not by hot riots/ pogromes against the jews.
    We see, Himmler and tha nazi-islamists like al-Hussaini and Qutb (studying also in the US !) had been confirmed, not Hitler with his cool killing gazing men under the sign of death’ head.

    It is reported that in 1945 the US-army searched for a “hatred or rage machine” after conquering the Nuerberg mass ritual places or perhaps at the Berlin “Sport palace” for “total war”; they’ve been not successful, like in case of Saddams Weapons of MD.
    – And in stead of War Against Terrorism it seems so, also Blair an other “Terror specialists” did not found this “machine” I described You here, what a Syria minister described as “we plant the hatred against Jews in the hearts of our children” and what always spoke to those victims of this anticivile cultur(ilazation) so “the others are guilty of what you do/not” . . .

    Free basic knowledge about, , http://www.matthias küntzel, http://www.The Big Lie and …” , google: nazi-islam Hassada Ben-Itto: “Protocols of elders of zion; Anatomy of…”; Filmmaker Levin’s film, NYC : “Protocols of Zion” http://www.What the West Needs to Know.
    P.S.: besides of questions about islam nazification, specialist of old history reported, that islam murdered, slaved and exterminated jews but also christians or theirs town for expl. culture in Small Asia in e v e r y century of its existance
    Think about.

  3. The second letter was a Correcture !
    After “SS-Himmler” and than “SS-recrutigng” I found another mistake :
    Rightly it must be: SS-recuting, “w a s right” in his thoughts , not “what rigth”

  4. My first letter to Iran

    Hello people!
    I am the son of a Nazi and we find it correct, to drive little children to their deaths. That is why today we love ISRAEL!

    Because that is sadly, ugly and crazy, I wrote you the same letter, I wrote to US-students, boycotting support for ISRAEL.
    – You know, “we” germans have big experience with head standed world view and child’s missuse.

    I personally had contacts to some Nazis and also to an atomic bomb specialist …

    You are on the way to make out of your children and yourself to accesories of new/old world wide antiNazi-antizionist movement. And I know of what I write, because I have been made into an anti-israeli/ antizionist activist by german leftists and surfacely “ISRAEL friendly” massmedia for over 25 years, until I dicovered step by step fundamental knowledge about german, european and islam history and jews hatred, what about almost all “human rigths” activiste hide, don’t know or “forget” to speak about, espc. the UNO and most kind of “antirassists”…

    So I write You the letter, I just before send to american anti-israeli students :

    Students, I tell You:
    Your anti-israeli decisions are based on fundamental wrong concsiousness ! on compassion.

    G K

    Free and spread basic knowledge ! about, , http://www.matthias küntzel, http://www.The Big Lie and the media war …” , google: nazi-islam Hassada Ben-Itto: “Protocols of elders of zion; Anatomy of…”; Filmmaker Levin’s film, NYC : “Protocols of Zion” http://www.What the West Needs to Know.; BLACKBOOK KGB II.,

    P.S.: Besides of questions about islam nazification, specialist of old history reported, that islam murdered, slaved and exterminated jews but also christians or theirs town culture for expl. in Small Asia in e v e r y century of its existance
    Think about.

    Do You w a n t to c a l l my recherches islamophobia ? Please. But You must not make your ideologic or fear caused blindness or anger, – perhaps about not wanting to be a “rassist” or as one “enlightened by “zeitgeist” or similar “9-11-truthers” to turn into a maximum problem for the free word,
    — also important from the view of a real Marxist ( – read what MARX wrote against islam in “The Oriental Question” instead of pseudos like Chomsky ), never Rosa Luxemburg or Lenin would be allied to those “antiimperialist” totalitarian mystic-ethnicans or religeous ones of hatred;
    or of a modern republican muslem how Atta Tuerk, who confirmed:

    There are much “cultures” – but only o n e Civilization: The european !

    – And I think the US, Canadia, Mexico ..Australian are part of it and wearth to defende it 8 if you help to clear up and strengthen its roots instead of weaken them ) !

    Editor: You forgot to add: ‘European Civilization Uber Alles!’

  5. There has been some defacing of some of the advertisements for the event. Someone painted over with white paint making the Star of David and NO GAZA. I wrote about it here:

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