UK students protest over university fees

Finally, something stirs.

Tens of thousands of students are protesting against plans by the British government to raise university tuition fees, smashing windows and lighting fires in London, the capital. Wednesday’s protest near the houses of parliament is the largest street demonstration in the country since the government announced tough austerity measures to curb public deficit. Students attempted to force their way into the party headquarters of David Cameron, the prime minister, forcing the building to be evacuated.

One thought on “UK students protest over university fees”

  1. I was not able to even think of going to University, I had to leave school at 15 get a job and work helping my parents. These students are supposed to be bright. They must know that the Lib Dems did not win the election and are lucky to get a look in at all. They came after labour. It is obvious to an uneducated old lady like me that Nick Clegg would have kept his promise if he had actually won.

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