3 thoughts on “The political power of literature”

  1. The intellectual elite have been co opted by the capitalist system because of how universities are funded and run. (the corporate model) I have spoken to some academics who say they are not allowed to make public comments about politics. Whether this is true or not they are frightened of losing their jobs. Perhaps the only way is do it anonymously.
    I think literature can be a revolutionary tool if it is embedded in a culture and society and our artists are celebrated publically. This can be done by teaching it in schools and universities. You would have to have politically aware teachers to do this. Unfortunately our culture has been taken over by mindless popular culture from the U.S. Some of our schools and universities are funded by corportations and this affects what and how the curriculum is taught.
    Academic freedom of speech has been stifled and this has a flow on effect to the wider society. This is my experience in Australia.

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