Jeffrey S Wiesenfeld is Harassing Me

Like many activists, I get hoards of hate mail. As someone who’s committed to abolishing violence, whether it be peer-to-peer or on a global scale, I believe that none of us should fear exposing violence towards us, or our friends and loved ones, who don’t have the privilege to do so. In my case, I truly believe I have absolutely nothing to fear, and so I bring to you a “correspondence”, initiated by Jeffrey S Wiesenfeld, after I had sent a stencil letter to the CUNY Board of Trustees members, including himself, regarding the Tony Kushner affair. I believe this is called harassment.

My "correspondence" with Jeffrey S Wiesenfeld.

I’ve also emailed The CUNY Board of Trustees and Bernstein Global Wealth Management (which Wiesenfeld is principal of, and used that account to send his emails), and to the Advocate, which ran the Kushner Crisis blog.

6 thoughts on “Jeffrey S Wiesenfeld is Harassing Me”

  1. Is this guy for real? You’d think that the source of “the right-wing Jewish money” that got this thug appointed to the Board of Trustees would have a little more care about Israel’s image. I guess hasbara is a double-edged sword.

  2. I love how you made his contact details public in the last correspondence. Staying true to your word!

    Down with Wiesenfeld. Im ashamed he studied at my alma mater (CUNY Queens College). Thats a heavy burden to live with.

    Keep up the good work, Tali.

  3. Tali,

    I don’t really think it’s cause for concern, he’s probably just demonstrating what you said, that the hat burns on the thief’s head. He knows in some small part of his brain that you’re right, so he’s protesting too much, even though you didn’t address him specifically. Obviously what you said bothered him, and maybe he responded to others as well when what they said was powerful enough to cause him psychological distress. I did enjoy it when he called you a “self hater”. That sort of thing really is funny.

  4. I am a graduate of CUNY (Brooklyn ’73, MFA ’76; Staten Island [Richmond], MA ’75) who loves our university. I served on the Brooklyn College Board of Directors and have taught at two CUNY community colleges and three senior colleges.

    This trustee is an embarrassment to our great university who seems to care nothing about it. He also seems to have a lot of time on his hands. I suspect he will have even more time on his hands shortly.

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