The Agony of Syria

This made me cry.

She is one of the 1.5 million people besieged by Assad’s genocidal armies. (A Facebook friend identified this location as the Yarmouk camp, but I can’t confirm).

1 thought on “The Agony of Syria”

  1. How could members of the “civilized” world, who declared “Never Again” after the Nazi genocidal atrocities during the Second World War, watch the unfolding genocide in Syria, but do nothing? Has the life of a Syrian become less valuable than that of a European? Has the world become so morally bankrupt that there is now an “acceptable” hierarchy of pain? The noble people of Syria have contributed so much to the enrichment and vitality of human civilizations that virtually every country on earth is indebted to the very Syrians whose priceless cultural heritage is being deliberately and systematically destroyed by the barbaric Assad regime right in front of our eyes. From the depth of their thoroughly civilized souls, the sons and daughters of Syria are calling the world to help them put an end to nightmarish genocide. Is there no end to this criminal complicity in the destruction of Syria the infinitely noble and beautiful?

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