6 thoughts on “Defend the Freedom”

  1. This is but another proof, if there were ever a need for one, exposing the falsity of the genocidal Assd regime’s commitment to the Palestinian cause, let alone the resistance to Israel’s occupation. How can any self-respecting person believe that such a murderous regime could possibility free the Palestinians when it is engaged in a systematic and deliberate genocidal campaign against the Palestinians in Syria after engaging in a similar criminal campaign against Palestinian camps in Lebanon? How could an inherently oppressive, indeed barbaric, regime give to the Palestinians that which it has denied to its own people, namely, freedom? The atrocities that have been committed by this murderous regime, whether in Syria or Lebanon, should be more than sufficient to convince any remaining fool that the criminal Assad regime was, and still is, just that, criminal. It should be uprooted from the noble soil of Syria in order to allow the trees of Syrian and Palestinian freedom to grow and bear their luminous fruits.

  2. This is a man who is steeped in his driven hatred for his country of origin and the metaphor of the tree he so eloquently offers is hardly indicative of what will eventually happen in Syria and indeed in other Arab countries as they are blown asunder by the Zio-American agenda and the agenda of the murdering, inhuman, undemocratic Islamists animals who now infest that country and who are no more than puppets of the Zionists. The so called tree will bear fruits indeed, however, they will bear bitter fruits of desecration and of quizllings growing in abundance in the bitterness of the soil they were planted in and nourished by the blood of the people butchered there by traitors.

    Arabs unfortunately are equal opportunity whores and can, in most cases, be bought for a dollar to work against their people. As an Arab, I have been ashamed of that part of our character and feel sad that none of the Arab countries will amount to anything unless they can find a way to address this desecration and start to take real pride and to demonstrate honour for our heritage in ways that, so far, are alien to us, except for screaming like some drunken sailors the meaningless phrase.. “Allah U Akbar” every time they do something disgusting.Unfortunately, this is all the result of the Western worlds centuries of domination and desecration of all the Arabs.

    The enemy is NOT Assad. The enemy is Israel and the West that enables their collective crimes, and what are these brave Arabs who want to “kill” Assad doing about it. Well, collectively, the cowards are either working with Israel, or, bending down for them out of sheer impotency as they get raped.

    Yes indeed, the tree has certainly born the fruit of its masters..hopelessness, confusion and total disunity as we butcher each other to the delight of our puppet masters who are manipulating the strings.

  3. O the slave mentality. even if your absurd conspiracies were accurate, the fact remains that assad has murdered, tortured and raped hundreds of thousands of Syrian Arabs. But you think he’s NOT the enemy. good for you.

    1. The only absurdity is your lack of critical thinking and your lack of understanding as to what I am saying. In typical Arab fashion, the “thousands” have now become “hundreds of thousands”. I am surprised you didn’t go for the prize and state that Assad killed “Millions upon millions”

      This is NOT about Assad. This is about the slavery of the Arabs to Western powers that are determined to destroy all Arab nations and being assisted in this endeavour with bought and paid for treasonous Arabs. Obviously you cannot see this. You are stuck, like Hayai in your hatred of one man… Assad.

      And by the way, if I have a slave mentality, which actually makes no sense as a statement, it is a “slave mentality” to the truth without fear of voicing it.

      The first step in solving a problem, is to admit there is a problem. Assad is not the problem. Assad is the product of and the symptom of the problem infecting the Arabs, namely their treasonous attitudes towards their nations and their blind adherence to a religion that glorifies death and destruction. The witness of all that is all around you if you care to open your eyes and allow what you see to enter your brain.

  4. Tragically, even a presumably intelligent and well-intentioned Arab like Albert Hadawi seems to confuse cause with effect. This is especially true when it comes to the conflict in Syria the sole responsibility of which falls squarely and exclusively on the shoulders of the murderous Assad regime. Barbaric organizations like ISIL, Al-Nusra and what have you are the mirror image and the by-product of the barbaric Assad regime whose thuggish army and criminal militias have been engaged not only in the massive killing of the very Syrian people they were supposed to protect (on average, 200 Syrians are killed per day), but also in the deliberate and systematic destruction of the priceless historical and cultural heritage of Syria. From its very inception the Assad regime was, and still is, an illegitimate construct, and the more force and brutality it uses to “impose” its illegitimacy the more illegitimate it becomes. If it is true that the Arabs have been directing their “arrows” or guns in the wrong direction, it is also true that the despotic Arab rulers, be they of the so-“called” republican or monarchical varieties, have inflicted untold damage on the entire Arab nation, especially when it comes to the sacred, indeed existential, Palestinian cause. In this respect, it takes an absolute fool to think that a murderous regime like that of Assad, who killed thousands of Palestinians in Lebanon (e.g. Tal al-Za’tar in Beirut) and Syria (e.g., Al-Yarmouk and Al-Rimal Palestinian camps in Damascus and Latakya, respectively) has ever given a “damn” to the Palestinian cause. You cannot possibly “liberate” the Palestinians when you kill them in such a horrific and massive scale. Only when the Arabs reject completely and unconditionally to be ruled by despots and tyrants will the Arabs regain their stolen freedom and with it their self respect and the respect of the rest of the world. Only “free” people can “liberate,” and as long as Arabs are being treated like slaves by their despotic and mentally retarded rulers, Arab land, including the heartland of the Arab world (Palestine) will remain occupied. The Assads, like the Gaddafis, the Saddams, and the Abdullahs (of the Arabian Peninsula), will never “liberate” an inch of Palestine or for that matter any other occupied Arab land. How could they when their very presence is the embodiment of slavery and oppression? One should never “defend” and/or “justify” the existence of a regime under which one is neither willing nor capable of living. The murderous Assads have transformed Syria from the “Throbbing Heart of Arabism” to the “Wasteland of Sectarianism and Barbarism.


  5. Thank you for at least using the generosity of your tribute to me as being “……presumably intelligent”. Now that I have been categorised by someone as brilliant as Mr. Hayani as having a presumption of intelligence, I feel capable of meeting with other people in my daily life without fear of appearing the intellectual dunce that he must think that I am.

    Mr Hayani still harangues incessantly with his one note song about the “murderous Assad” forgetting the very culture that created the so called “monster” and the millions of monsters who call themselves Arabs and who, given the chance, would wear the mantle of “leadership” and create yet another dictatorship that will guarantee the distruction of Syria and the entire Arab world.

    The words Democracy and Arabs, for anyone who is honest and can face the truth and not rely on false wishes, is an oxymoron.

    It is futile to even try and discuss with Hayani the ramifications and disturbing teachings of a stultified religion that thrives on violence. I am tired of hearing the dulcet tones of assuaging verbal defenses by benighted do gooders and verbal magicians that this religion is actually one based on love and not one determined and steeped in anguished murder and conversion by the sword. At least have the intellectual acumen of calling it what it is and not sugar coating it for foreign consumption and defending the indefensible vulgarity and supreme ugliness of it all..

    In any case, there is nothing here left to discuss. It is obvious to anyone with a semblance of objectivity that the Arab world will forever be a whore in the hands of the other mass murderers and despoilers.. the western nations. The only small part that seems to be somewhat immune to being bought like the whores and treasonous “Allah u akbar” brigades, are the Shiaa. Unlike the Sunni, they seem to be “delicately” immune to the seductive smell of tainted blood soaked money and of easy betrayal for that money. Its just an observation that I have noticed over the past few years. I could be wrong. But then again, I am after all just “presumably intelligent” and ergo, vulnerable to making gross errors that super intelligent beings such as Hyani with with his one note song never ever digress into.

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