In Search of Shakespeare

In celebration of the Bard’s forthcoming 450th birthday, here is the BBC’s four part series on the lives and times of Will Shakespeare. It’s hosted by Michael Wood.

1. A Time of Revolution

2. The Lost Years

3. The Duty of Poets

4. For All Time

5. Bonus Episode

7 thoughts on “In Search of Shakespeare”

  1. Many thanks for posting this! I am in the midst of a ten week on-line MOOC class on “Shakespeare and His Times” at the University of Warwick, taught by Jonathan Bate. It is amazing how the Bard remains so relevant to the human experiences after more than four centuries.
    -Andy Berman

  2. The first two videos are tremendous and Michael Wood is one of my favourite presenters: but what has happened to parts 3 and 4? Please can we have them restored a.s.a.p.!

    I am, like Andy Berman, studying the OU FutureLearn MOOC ‘Shakespeare and his Times’ and this is an excellent adjunct to our course.

    Thank you
    Sue Rhodes

  3. Here am I, another MOOCer of the OU FutureLearn course “Shakespeare and His Times.” Yes, indeed, where are parts 3 and 4? Parts 1 and 2 offer a more in-depth look at Shakespeare and his times than the course, alone, can offer, so thanks for the addition and . . . please, sir, I want some more!

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