Haiti’s earthquake one year on

It is one year since Haiti suffered a huge earthquake. More than 200 000 Haitians died and more than a million were left homeless, most of whom still live in tent cities amidst the rubble. Unicef describes the past year as “probably the worst year in living memory for most Haitian adults” and children.

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If you give us cholera, we will give you fire

Residents of the largest slum in Haiti’s capital Port-au-Prince have been demonstrating over the country’s response to the cholera outbreak. The protesters in Cite Soleil said the government and the UN have failed to protect them, as the number of people killed by the highly contagious water-borne disease soared to 724. In the meantime, the US Congress continues to block the delivery of the $1.15 billion in reconstruction money it promised to Haiti back in March.

The Pan American Health Organisation, the regional office of the UN’s World Health Organisation, has warned Haiti to expect hundreds of thousands of cases now that the disease appears to have taken hold.

They also vented their anger at NGOs operating in the country, where a devastating earthquake on January 12 killed more than 250,000 people and destroyed homes, forcing more than one million people to seek shelter in cramped makeshift camps.

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The Naked and the Dead in Haiti

Remember the Israelis who rushed to Haiti for ‘disaster relief’ because, as one Ma’ariv columnist put it, the catastrophe was ‘good for the Jews‘? Well, they are gone. Mission, presumably, accomplished! All the publicity they were striving for, they got. Hasbaraniks distributed VNRs (Video News Releases) to all major networks, and most obliged with favourable coverage. The networks failed to notice the contradiction between this conspicuous humanitarianism and the deliberate cruelty with which which the same army continues to punish the imprisoned Gazans. Meanwhile, the United States does not even do Haitians the courtesy of pretence. It recently suspended aid flights for five days over a petty squabble over operational costs. What use do they have for image enhancement? They have a PR product for a president, you see.

So, amid all this insensitivity, is there anyone who still persists in their devotion to the doomed island? Why, the luxury cruise vacationer, of course.

“One Thousand Tents for Haiti”

By Joe Shansky

As the extent of the destruction in Haiti becomes clearer, so do the priorities on the ground.  The majority of Haitians affected by the earthquake are now homeless, and the need for shelter is urgent.  There are many ways to help for those who cannot afford to donate money, and innovation has become a major theme in many of the smaller grassroots efforts.

One example is a US-based initiative whose mission lies in the name, “One Thousand Tents for Haiti”.  Created by Seattle activist Johnny Fernandes, the beauty of the project is that it is both simple and practical.  Anyone can participate.  The initial goal is to collect 1000 extra tents from around the US by the end of February to send to Haiti.

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