Almost 200 Hollywood Celebrities Sign on to Israel’s Genocide of the Palestinian People

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Today, [Creative Community for Peace] say, there is not a single musical act, from Justin Timberlake to the Rolling Stones to Alicia Keys, that they have not approached and coached in advance of their performance in Israel. ~Times of Israel

It’s no surprise that the genocidal Times of Israel is so eager to push anti-BDS initiatives. It’s also no surprise that one of Israel’s most well connected, elite whitewashing team, Creative Community for Peace [CCfP], is doing exactly what it vowed to do- whitewash genocide. However one might wonder about some of the names on the below statement that CCfP has published:Crceative Community For Peace Genocide

Massacres are Peace, Genocide is Justice, Music Moguls are Grassroots

I’ve already written plenty on the absurdity of music moguls painting themselves as non-profit, grassroots freedom-fighters, and plenty more on celebrities and their social obligations to the rest of us. So I won’t dwell on why it’s a celebrity’s obligation to do no harm and move directly to Creative Community for Peace’s genocide-supporting statement.

I want to begin by saying that everything I write in this short article is on the background of Israel’s ceaseless massacres in the hermetically besieged Gaza Strip ghetto, in the past 50 days, happening as I type. Never before has Israel’s Crime of Genocide of the Palestinian people been so clearly visible, as it carpet bombs 1.8 million people, 52% of which are children, for the fourth time in less than a decade, currently resulting in 2114… 2120… 2128 dead (89 families wiped out of existence), over 10.500 injured and approximately half the population displaced, again.

The celebrity “undersigned” begin their statement by expressing their “sadness” (not “outrage”, not “horror”) at the apparently equal sides of genocide-committer and genocide-resistor/victim. They continue by “standing firm in [their] commitment to peace and justice”. Don’t mean to jab, but since when is Arnold Schwarzenegger committed to either?

Racism is Love of Children

It takes less than three sentences for our billionaire hippies to pull out the Hamas Charter, as if statements haven’t come out of Hamas since 1988, as if the Zionist movement isn’t to blame for the common conflation between Jews, Zionism and the State of Israel, as if Zionist militias- identifying as “Jewish militias”- didn’t commit the crime of ethnic cleansing and colonization against the Palestinian people since 1948 and continue to this day. Yes, the victims of genocide may make some sweeping statements against their killers that non-victims-of-genocide may need to do some mental adjusting in order to fathom.

This “non-governmental” statement continues towing the genocidal state line, without any deviation from Israel’s standardized propaganda (in this particular order): Rockets, blaming the victim, excusing the warcrime of destruction to civilian infrastructure, and the ever so racist and dehumanizing “you don’t love your children”.

We end off this short Fisk-a-thon with the all-American Operation Freedom, bombing democracy onto an Arab/Muslim/Brown population near you, and the “transformative power of” New Age Fascism “building bridges of peace through art, music,” and the equivalent of 6 nuclear bombs on a territory the size of Detroit.

Just like the typical Israeli, thinking there’s satire in a piece about how this genocide is making them look fat, Creative Community for Peace and nearly 200 Hollywood celebrities didn’t see fit to commit even 200 words to the horrors Israel is wreaking on Gaza. And the words they did allot to the massacres of over 2000 human beings are those of callus, condescending, racist, jingoism. In the age of information, these fat cats of the entertainment industry and trophies of capitalism, alike, are exposed for all to see.

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